organic beard oil for normal skin

Create your own organic beardoil for normal skin - URBAN

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URBAN - Organic beardoil for normal skin

has been blended as a light oil, based on sesame oil, thistle oil and jojoba oil. It provides intensive care for your skin, stimulating healthier beard growth and a slight shine that will attract even more looks at your great beard.  
Ingredients: Sesame Oil*, Thistle Oil* and Jojoba Oil*

To create your own individual scent choose up to 6 effectoils from the checkboxes and we will blend an amazing beardoil for you. 

Here a short description of the different effectoils to support your choice.

Pure nature scents Manly nature scents:

Cedarwood* - A warm and masculine scent of pine-needle with anti-septic characteristics to strengthen the skin. 

Silver Fir* - A fresh and lightly scent to strengthen the beard and well known for its refreshing effects.

Elemi* - Traces of citrus are characteristic for this very fresh scent. It has a healing effect to the skin and acts against wrinkles. 

Juniper Berry* - A bitter sweet woody scent to protect and strengthen your beard. 

Amyris - An aromatic and fresh scent of musk to stimulate the skins blood circulation. It will keep your skin and beard healthy. 

Mixmybeardoil citrus scentsCitrus scents:

Seville Orange* - Spicy and bittersweet oil with hydrating effects to tighten the skin. Also providing a nice shine to your beard. 

Litsea Cubeba* - Fresh and fruity with a splash of sweet citrus smell. Makes your beard and skin resistant and helps to remove irritations. 

Mixmybeardoil fruity and rich scentsFruity and rich scents:

Lavandin Grosso* - A herb scent infused with strong traces of wood. A skin strengthening oil with anti-bacterial characteristics. 

Petitgrain* - Woody aroma with citrus tones to reawaken tired skin, giving a healthy shine to your beard. 

Palmarosa* - A flowery sweet scent that is fruity and fresh. Softens your beard and re-hydrates your skin. 

Cinnamon Leaf* - A rich and maskulin scent, considered to be an excellent aphrodisiac.

Vanilla** - A sweet, warm and soft scent with relaxing effects. It supports the production of the happiness hormone Seratonin. 

Mixmybeardoil menthol scentsMenthol scents:

Spearmint* - A very fresh and cool scent of mint and camphor. Softening your beard and re-vitalising your skin.

Niaouli* - Extra fresh scent of eucalyptus, vitalising and awakening your skin. Giving a pure freshness feeling.

Mixmybeardoil spicy scentsSpicy scents:

Sage* - A spicy and fresh oil to balance the skins immune system. Energizes and strengthens tired skin as well as a haggard beard.

Rosemary* - A sheer fresh and spicy oil with cleansing effects. Intensifies the beardhair colour and stimulates beard growth. 

Mixmybeardoil aromatic scentsAromatic scents:

Black Pepper* - Warm and maskulin pepper scent which increases oxygen supply to the cells and makes the skin and the beard look fresher. Superb anti-aging effect. 

Bay Leaf* -  Spicy, sweet and fresh. A smooth and vitalising oil that counteracts skin complications. 

 * ingredients from organic agriculture
** from natural essential oils