Don't know your skin type? We support you here...

Find here some guidance to chose the right base oil for your individual skin type.

You have normal skin!

You have a nearly perfect, firm and healthy skin that is not too dry or greasy. Rather, normal skin looks matte and velvety and usually does not shine. The pores are unobtrusively small. In addition, you rarely get skin irritation very rarely, as well as spots and skin redness. Only under special conditions such as strong sunshine, cold or heating air, your skin loses more moisture than usual.

Nevertheless, you should not do without a care because environmental influences and stress can also harm your skin. Normal skin requires a care that does not provide too much fat and moisture but also does not dry out too much.
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You have more oily skin!

Your skin produces excessive sebum and sweat, which makes it very greasy and shiny. Shortly after cleaning, the whole face shines. You are probably suffering from impurities of the skin and enlarged pores. Anyone who has a greasy skin also tends to greasy hair. Oily skin occurs most frequently during puberty. However, as the age grows, the skin usually normalizes. Lines and wrinkles appear only in old age, the skin remains long plump and beautiful.

Greasy skin needs care according to its type of skin. The aim of skin care is to approach the skin with a normal skin type. This can be achieved with proper care if it causes the skin to produce less sebum, the produced sebum can drain well and no pores become clogged.
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You have rather dry skin!

You have a dry, low-moisture skin that often tends to feel tension after cleaning. It is most likely brittle, rough, stretched, and itching sometimes. Since dry skin produces little sebum, usually no blackheads are produced. Your skin is fine-pored, it scales easily and tends to premature wrinkling, especially around the mouth, eyes and neck. Dry skin does not shine but has a dull or even dull appearance. Since the reduced sebum production affects the skin protection, it reacts to external influence like UV rays quickly with a burning feeling. Cold and dry winter air usually dries the skin even more.

Dry skin needs a skin care type that allows a normal skin condition. For skin care, you should therefore choose products that return grease and moisture to the skin.
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You have mature skin!

Mature skin has special characteristics. As the age grows, the production of sebum and sweat glands decreases, which often leads to increased skin dryness, an emphasis on fine lines and wrinkles, as well as scaling. Your skin itches or feels tensioned, becomes thinner, wrinkled, and forms the so-called age spots.
Your base oil shall give the skin mainly lipids and moisturizers, to improve the water binding capacity and replace the missing hydrolipid coat.
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You have more mixed skin!

You have a mixed skin and belong to a large part of the people. Typical for mixed skin is the so-called T-zone, thus chin, nose and forehead correspond rather to a greasy to normal skin type. In addition, the mixed skin produces more sebum in the area of the T-zone, which can also lead to frequent blackheads in this area. There you are most likely to have skin problems. Compared to the remaining facial skin, the T-Zone shines mostly. Your cheeks and remaining facial skin tend to be dry.

Important for mixed skin is to cultivate the skin condition depending on the facial area and to improve as much as possible. This prevents the individual skin parts from deteriorating in their condition.
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