Our Effect Oils

Amyris MixMyBeardOilAmyris: A warm and woody scent with balsamic notes. 

This oil has strong moisturing properties, slows down the aging process and regenerates the skin. Inhibits inflamation and skin irritation, controlls dandruff and itching. Is considered an aphrodisiac.
Gives your beard a healthy shine and vitality.
Reduces nervousness and depressing moods!


Bay Leaf MixMyBeardOilBay Leaf: A fresh, sweet, spicy aroma with a slight camphor scent.

Firming and refining the pores, providing excellent freshness and vitality to your skin. Stimulates the hair roots positively and thus leaves the beard looking fuller.
Provides vitality and energy!


Black Pepper MixMyBeardOilBlack Pepper: Peppery dry with woody flavors.

Increases the oxygen supply to the skin cells and makes your skin fresher, livlier and softer. An anti-aging oil with a high regenerating, warming and aphrodisiac effect, that stimulates the blood circulation. Strengthens the hair structure and adds volume to your beard.
Stimulates your senses and sensuality!


Cedarwood MixMyBeardOilCedarwood: Fresh softwoods scents, warm and masculine.

Revitalizes the skin! A strong antiseptic oil, which is recommended for skin blemishes, small sores and an itching beard. Tightens the tissue and stimulates the lymphatic system. Makes your beard supple and easy to comb.
Strengthens your self-confidence and gives strength and dignity!


Cinnamon Leaf MixMyBeardOilCinnamon Leaf: Characteristic, warm and aromatic woody notes.

Has a strong invigorating effect, making your skin and facial hair robust and resilient. Relieves itching and leaves a pleasant appearance. Is considered to be an excellent aphrodisiac.
Promotes vitality!


Elemi MixMyBeardOilElemi: Smells resinous and fresh with a slight citrus note.

Has a long history of use in skin care products, well known for his great healing effects. Acts as a biocide and works against bacteria, viruses and skin fungus. Strengthens your skins resistence, promoting a healthy hair-growth.
Provides health and strength!


Juniper Berry MixMyBeardOilJuniper Berry: Leathery dry scent with a splash of smokey gin.

Restores the moisture balance and protects the skin. Prevents early signs of aging while revitalizing the skin. Strengthens the hair follicles to prevent hair loss and restores your beards natural shine.
Clears your mind!


Lavandin Grosso MixMyBeardOil Lavandin Grosso: A flowery fresh and woody scent.

Strong skincare, refreshes and regenerates the skin deeply, keeping it looking young. Lavandin Grosso is known as an excellent tonic, antibacteriell, antiseptic and desinficient, that stimulates the growth of new hair. This can affect a full beard.
Gives clarity of thoughts and a fresh mind!


Litsea Cubeba MixMyBeardOil Litsea Cubeba: A delicate lemon scent with a flowery aroma.

A refreshing and highly stimulating oil. Reduces skin impuritie, irritation, redness and swelling. Relives tension and leaves a pleasent, comforting feeling on the skin. Gently cares for your hair.
Creates a good mood!


Niaouli MixMyBeardOil Niaouli: A light and fresh eucalyptus scent.

Revives and vitalizes your skin. Providing great protection from infections. Acting as an antiviral and antibacterial oil with an aphrodisiac effect. Improves skin elasticity and strenghens your beard.
Is perseverance and resilience!


Palmarosa MixMyBeardOilPalmarosa: Fruity fresh with a woody and sweet trace of rose.

Especially gentle to the skin and facial hair. Gives back moisture and rejuvenates your skin, keeping both skin and hair supple and in a good shape.
Inspires creativity!


Petitgrain MixMyBeardOil Petitgrain: A woody, fruity and fresh scent with tart citrus notes.

Gentle cleansing and great tonifying effect, invigorates and refreshes. Moisturizing for dry and scaly skin and hair. Improves shine, making the facial hair more manageable and silky.
Promotes concentration!


Rosemary MixMyBeardOil Rosemary: Clear and active, an invigorating manly scent.

Long-lasting tonic for skin and beard with a strong cleansing effect. Intensifies the facial hair colour, stimulates beard growth and gives a healthy and fresh feeling.
Frees the head and improves the mind!


Seville Orange MixMyBeardOil Seville Orange: Sparkling, dry and bittersweet fruity fragrance.

Tightens the skin and has a dehydrating effect. Works as an excellent tonifiere, improving elasticity and smoothness. Your beard hair becomes full, shinier and less oily.
Strengthens drive!


Silver Fir MixMyBeardOil Silver Fir: A refreshing green needle scent.

Has a pleasant deodorizing effect and refreshes extra ordinary. Features anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens the immune system and deepens the breathing. Improves the beards natural shine.
Strengthens sovereignity!


Spearmint MixMyBeardOil Spearmint: An extra fresh, cool menthol scent.

Easily removes traces of tiredness and lack of oxygen, literally adding new life to your skin. It has a strong detoxifying, skin cooling and blood-circulation effect. Maintains the moisture balance and makes the skin firm and the facial hair velvety.
Helps fatigue and lethargy vanish!


Vanilla MixMyBeardOil Vanilla: A balsamic-sweet, soft and warm scent.

With aphrodisiac and great relaxing properties. Relives stress and tension and leaves a pleasant, comforting feeling to the skin. Promotes hapiness with the natural hormone serotonin. Gently cares for your beard.
Gives inner strength!


*Ingredients from certified organic agriculture
**Ingredients from natural essential oils