About us

A handsome beard demands care and good products. MIX MY BEARD OIL sells high quality, individual products for beard and skincare – organic ingredients, handmade and free from additives.

MIXMYBEARDOIL has been founded during July 2016 in Sweden with the aim to provide exclusive products to men that have style and a strong demand on highest quality.

Our unique concept allows customers to create their own beard oil according to their individual needs. Every customer chooses their own mix of ingredients from our base assortment and effect oils. 
Your beard oil is as individual as you are. Therefore, we are giving you the opportunity to mix oils depending on your own needs, skin type and preference.

All our products are freshly produced upon customer order and are not pre-manufactured. After blending your unique beard grooming product we ship immediately to you!

As our core value all our products are:

  • made from organic extra virgin oils
  • freshly handmade for you
  • free from GMO and additives
  • vegan

We completely avoid:

  • Artificial fragrance
  • Mineral oils
  • Palm oil
  • animal testing

 "A man can truely not afford to put lower quality in his beard and on to his skin!"



Dörrödsvägen 2, SE-24796 Veberöd, Sverige +46 (0) 46 82032,
Company registration : SE7406067889-01